How do I download CardExchange Gateway?

How do I download CardExchange Gateway?

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    • How do I download Trust ID?

      Here is the link to download the latest version of Trust ID Version 4:
    • How do I transfer CardExchange Producer Software to a new PC?

      If you are looking to transfer your installation to a new PC, then you can follow the below steps:   Install CardExchange® Producer or TrustID on the new PC Copy the Data directory from the old PC, by default this is located in the following location ...
    • Where do I download Asure ID?

      Link for Version 7:
    • How do I convert .ced files to .cedx?

      Go to the configuration tab, advanced options, then check the box for “SHOW MIGRATE BUTTON OR MENU” and “SHOW ADVANCED MAPPINGS” if you want to use the old designer ensure that “USE  VERSION 7 DESIGNER” to manage the old .CED files within version 9 ...
    • How do I change font color based on a database field?

      1. Open the designer and add the following function to the Functions tab of the Properties window: def depcolor(dep): s = str(dep) if s == 'Name of Department 1': return 'Red' elif s == 'Name of Department 2': return 'Green' else: return 'Black'2. ...