What do I do if Asure ID takes too long to open up?

What do I do if Asure ID takes too long to open up?

What do I do if Asure ID takes too long to open up?

Asure ID 7/2009 takes too long to open up.

With Asure ID 7 the database loads all records into memory up to a default value of 5000 records to allow for quick response in pulling up these records and images when searching/scrolling.

  • There is a setting in the Options menu on the Asure ID 7 software in the Template setup where you can limit the number of records that are loaded when the Asure ID 7 program starts up.
  • It will load record 1 through whatever number the Max Query Records is set to but the bigger the number the more records it needs to load before you can begin using software.
  • If the user needs to access some record beyond that number, they need use the Quick Filter to locate the record (by name for example).
  • If you add additional records, they will add at the end of the actual list of records (for example, if there are 2000 records and only 100 are loaded at start-up and you add a record, it will add it at the end of the list of 2000 records).
  • Setting the Max Query Records to 200 (for example) will generally decrease the boot-up time.
  • Also, using large photo files will also slow the boot-up time and also use up considerable memory resources.
    In most applications there is no need to change these default settings as even with 5000 records the system would boot up promptly.
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